VICTORIA Seguros selects Diggspace as platform for its new Employee Portal

Diggspace, a ready-to-use digital workplace platform, was selected by VICTORIA Seguros as the technological basis for its new Employee Portal - a huge leap forward in terms of autonomy, interaction and navigability.

The Challenge 

VICTORIA Seguros is a company of the SMA Group, founded in 1859 and considered one of the most solid in Europe. Following the motto that “The secret of a great VICTORIA lies in the work of a great team”, its talents are the center of all its activity, so internal communication is of fundamental importance.

But the company was faced with some constraints regarding the existing Intranet and defined three main objectives for the change:

  1. No longer having a technological solution based on an outdated architecture, without adequate technical support and with unnecessary costs;
  2. Gaining agility and autonomy in content management, including timing, format and type of information;
  3. Strengthening the proximity in time and form between content, VICTORIA population and organization.

To address all these requirements and launch its new Employee Portal, the decision fell on Diggspace – a SaaS platform for rapidly creating state-of-the-art Intranets.

The Solution

The Employee Portal is the new VICTORIA Seguros virtual space developed based on Diggspace, providing cross-purpose content for employees and allowing greater interactivity between all, regardless of their geographic location.

During the implementation process, “all essential information was migrated from the previous solution, along with the creation of new contents and the improvement in accessibility and navigability, making them more appealing in presentation and with a closer approach and clarity in its form and content. The operating logic of an intranet as the main vehicle for internal communication was also maintained, but now with a major upgrade in the integration between Employees, Content Managers and the Company”, highlights Alberto Bento, Director of Human Resources, Organization and Logistics at VICTORIA Seguros.

The new Employee Portal became an effective means of internal communication that everyone values and accesses daily (100% of employees). Main functionalities implemented from Diggspace:

The Results

Despite its recent implementation, the results are already very visible. The new solution has enabled very significant gains in efficiency and allowed closer and more accessible communication with all VICTORIA employees from a single centralized location, avoiding the high load of emails that existed. The new portal is now the gateway to VICTORIA's working area and the meeting point for all the company's employees.

“The speed of implementation, the fit with our needs, and the ease of use and management of Diggspace were decisive for the successful launch of the Employee portal. We are very satisfied with the result we have achieved so far and with the support and closeness of the Diggspace team. In fact, our suggestions for improving the product are often implemented and operationalized for the entire community”, says Alberto Bento.

Regarding the future, Alberto Bento points out that “The evolution of the portal is something that will happen progressively, not only because of the feedback we are already receiving and the learning that we will do in its use but also because there are already new phases planned, just waiting for everyone to become familiar with the platform. This is a step that we consider very important in terms of our ability to streamline internal communication and corporate collaboration”.

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