Employee Engagement

Engaged employees boost productivity, profits, and retention, providing a competitive edge and fostering a positive work culture.
Why is employee engagement so important for companies?

Employee engagement is essential for companies because it leads to increased productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee retention. Companies that prioritize employee engagement tend to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace and a more positive work culture.

Promote Employee Engagement

Employee Experience

Foster a good employee experience trought engagement, growth, and fulfillment while supporting employee well-being and the overall success of the organization.


Build a strong sense of belonging where employees feel valued, included, and connected to their colleagues, leadership, and organizational mission.

Inclusive Work Culture

Create a good connection with frontline workers, their role in customer experience and their feedback is critical for improving the organization's operations and success.

Solutions and Benefits

Diggspace is the perfect platform to help you foster and promote an engaged digital workplace.


Recognition Center
Recognition Center

The Virtual badges allow employee recognition, which improves motivation, public acknowledgement and visibility of good performance

A tool for managers to understand who is standing out in their teams.

Channels and Groups
Channels and Groups

Thematic channels promotes subscription of contents and connection between employees with similar interests which fosters a human centric and client-oriented approach


Create a sense of belonging through clubs, enrollment for sports & cultural activities, promotion of better work conditions, kick-start social responsibility initiatives and sign-up for volunteering.

Town Hall and Leadership corner

Whether its internal presentations, global policies and long-term vision of the company, all information is directly presented to employees with Diggspace as the single-source-of-truth.

Direct connection with the company’s leadership improves workers experience through access to decision-makers both through top-down and bottom-up communication.

Uses Cases

Comms Department

> Town hall (meetings/events)​

> Leadership corner

HR Department

>Employee recognition center​

>Talent engagement

IT Department

>Employee director

Other Depts. /​ Entire Org.

>Collateral groups

(clubs, sports & cultural activ., unions, social resp., volunteering, others)

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