Knowledge Management

Effective knowledge management fuels business growth, connecting teams globally for efficient operations and improved experiences.
Knowledge Management
What Is Knowledge Management, And Why Is It Important?

Knowledge management is essential for businesses that want to scale their growth while connecting employees across teams and geographies — and do so efficiently. Knowledge management gives your teams access to the information and resources they need to do their jobs effectively. It also helps your business retain that knowledge for future use, which promotes efficiency, a better working experience and less repetitive work.

Promote Knowledge Management & Sharing

Better decision-making

Knowledge management enables organizations to capture and store information about their processes, products, and customers. This information can be used to make better decisions based on data-driven insights

Improved collaboration

Knowledge management tools make it easier for employees to share information and collaborate on projects, regardless of their physical location. This can lead to increased productivity and faster project completion times.

Increased efficiency

Knowledge management helps organizations to streamline their processes and eliminate redundant tasks. By providing employees with access to relevant information, they can work more efficiently and effectively.

Reduced risk

By capturing and storing critical information, organizations can reduce the risk of losing valuable knowledge when employees leave the company or retire. This ensures that the organization's intellectual property is protected and can be used to drive future growth.

Improved customer service

Knowledge management enables organizations to capture information about their customers' preferences and needs. This information can be used to provide personalized service and improve the overall customer experience.

Enhanced innovation

Knowledge management provides employees with the tools and information they need to innovate and develop new products and services. By fostering a culture of innovation, organizations can stay ahead of their competitors and drive long-term growth.

Solutions and Benefits

Diggspace is the perfect platform to help you foster and promote an engaged digital workplace.



Develop your employees' skills with online courses, training and quizzes. Customize the learning resources and tailor it to their needs and growth developments.

Offer a rich and fulfilling employee experience such as the onboarding process and make it faster​.

Media center

Have an easily accessible knowledge repository with all your company’s documents, images, videos (e.g., internal recordings explaining procedures, techniques), podcasts, data and metadata​.


Create a depository for technical documentation, best practices, scientific articles, research studies, or medical protocols and make these documents easily retrievable and accessible for everyone.


Promote efficiency by making forms for clients/patients, presentations and other materials, branding/marketing (e.g., rules, logos, pantones) available in a ready to retrieve and use environment.

Use Cases

Comms Department

> Media center (documents, images, videos, podcasts)​

HR Department

> E-learning

IT Department

> Templates​

> Policy hub​

Other Depts. /​ Entire Org.

> E-library

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