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With Diggspace, you won't be alone during your journey towards enhancing your employees' experience. Our team of experts, along with our extensive network of reliable partners, will assist you in defining, creating, and implementing the finest Employee Experience Platform.

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Basic Setup Journey

We just need a couple of days to go-live! Because our technology is ready-to-use, you can focus on improving your internal communication right away. Contact us to start your trial!
Step 1 - Demo and Purchase

Start by having a demo with one of our experts, align detail and purchase order. 

Step 2 - Workshop I: Planning and Brainstorming (Optional)

Building together the vision and identifying the challenges, needs and habits of users to promote the adoption of the future intranet

Step 3 - Workshop II: Information Arquitecture

Identification and classification of contents and definition of the information architecture

Step 4 - Workshop III: Content creation and migration

Practical training on the basic elements of creating and editing content, such as news, events, forms, etc.

Step 5 - Live environment setup

Provision and customization of the environment, and various configurations such as creating channels and assigning permissions

Step 6 - Go-live

Making your new intranet available to the entire organization

Support & Customer Success

We've got you covered with a personalized customer success plan that is tailored to your needs. Our aim is to assist you in enhancing platform adoption, attaining your desired KPIs and collaborating with you to reach success together.

You'll have access to our support teams who are always ready to assist you with any queries you may have, and make the most of all the features that Diggspace has to offer.

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