Enterprise Collaboration

Cultivating enterprise collaboration is vital for success, fostering innovation, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.
Why is it important to foster a culture of enterprise collaboration?

Fostering a culture of collaboration in enterprises is crucial for achieving success and maintaining a competitive advantage. By breaking down silos and encouraging cross-functional teamwork, companies can tap into the unique perspectives and skillsets of their employees to drive innovation and creativity. Collaboration can also improve communication, increase efficiency, and boost productivity, resulting in better decision-making and problem-solving. Furthermore, a collaborative culture can help to promote employee engagement and job satisfaction, leading to improved employee retention and a more positive work environment.

Promoting culture and collaboration

Encourage communication

Companies should encourage communication and collaboration by creating open channels for employees to share ideas and feedback. This can be done through regular team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and digital collaboration tools.

Create cross-functional teams

Companies should create cross-functional teams that bring together employees from different departments and backgrounds. This can help to break down silos and promote collaboration between teams.

Foster a culture of transparency

Companies should foster a culture of transparency by sharing information and goals with employees. This can help to build trust and encourage employees to work together towards shared goals.

Invest in collaboration technology

Companies should invest in collaboration technology that enables employees to work together seamlessly, regardless of their physical location. This can include video conferencing, messaging apps, and collaborative project management tools.

Reward collaboration

Companies should reward collaboration by recognizing and rewarding employees who demonstrate teamwork and collaboration. This can help to reinforce the importance of collaboration within the company culture and encourage more employees to collaborate.

Solutions and Benefits

Diggspace is the perfect platform to help you foster and promote an engaged digital workplace.



Break down siloes by joining teams, finding workgroups and jump to SharePoint libraries through transversal and multidisciplinary groups, allocated by interests, projects or themes. This will foster a sense of belonging and purpose within the organization

Ideation lab
Ideation lab

Take advantage and challenge your team's creativity to anticipate the future and boost continuous improvements (internal processes, new solutions, etc) to realize your company’s full potential​

Gamify your employees' interactions and enjoy a more relaxed approach to innovation​

Employee directory
Employee directory

Find colleagues across multiple buildings and departments, search for specific skillsets, connect directly with them, ask for help and share expertise​

Communities of interest / practice

Create communities of practice which foster increased productivity through knowledge sharing and collective intelligence in non-hierarchical and self-started groups​

Use Cases

Comms Department

> Communities of interest​

> Communities of practice​

HR Department

> Diversity and inclusion​

> Organization chart​

IT Department

> IT portal​

> Apps directory

Other Depts. /​ Entire Org.

> Workgroups​

> Ideation lab​

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