Introducing Diggy: Your AI-Powered Assistant

Diggy, the AI-powered assistant by Diggspace, transforms how you work. Access valuable insights, streamline processes, and boost productivity effortlessly.

With advanced natural language processing, Diggy delivers instant responses and insights from your organization's wealth of resources – documents, processes, people, events, and more.

Content Management​

Leverage channels to organize and prioritize your content.​ Stay in control using our fine-grained permissions and allow more users to contribute to content creation!

Ideation Lab​

You no longer need a long brainstorm session to nurture new ideas.​ This is the perfect digital space to motivate your employees to contribute with new ideas effortlessly.​ Now, you just need to challenge your team!

Learning ​Hub​

With our training module, you will be able to expand your team's knowledge. ​This will allow you to create, monitor, and share online courses - all in one platform.​ The content can be built by your employees in a collaborative way.

Recognition Center

Promote a healthy compony culture with the Recognition module, where you can award your team with awesome badges. Give your co-workers the merit they deserve!

Diggspace is inclusive!​

Everyone has access, frontline workers included. Diggspace makes it easy to build a company-wide communication and culture.

More Features

365 Dashboard
365 Dashboard

Diggspace acts as an accelerator of collaborative work and offers a workload panel permanently up-to-date with all pending/ongoing work together, taking advantage of native M365 integrations.


Thematic channels promotes subscription of contents and connection between employees with similar interests which fosters a human centric and client-oriented approach.


Easily create and distribute newsletters through diggspace. Bring a monthly, half-yearly or annual summary of everything that has been happening inside and outside the company and that is relevant to your employees.

User management
User management

Easily usable and not dependent on advanced digital literacy – Diggspace was made for ‘normal’ users and can be managed daily in a decentralized way, taking advantage of different profiles.

Schedule Publications
Schedule Publications

Our product allows users to schedule the publication and unpublication of content (articles, events, and newsletters). This helps process automation and time saving, while ensuring timely delivery.


Check page views, active users and more! Keep your audience on track and invest in the most powerfull contents to them.

Responsive design

Access Diggspace anywhere, from your desktop, phone or tablet.

Easy to use

Diggspace is intuitive and easy to use, do more in less time.


Easily create forms, define fields, rules and notifications.

Dynamic Content

Enrich your intranet with banners, audio, videos, highlights and others.


Add your logo, brand colors, links, and much more!


Engage your colleagues with mentions, comments and likes.

Active Directory Sync

Keep user profiles always syncronized!

API Integrations

Create content and manage your users via API.

Custom Domain

Choose your own domain.


Quickly find articles, events, documents, apps, and team mates.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Connect your Teams groups with Diggspace channels.

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