Diggspace Teams App

Diggspace Teams App
Improve your employee experience

For those organizations already using Microsoft Teams as their primary communication and collaboration platform, integrating the intranet content within Teams can help streamline employee workflows and improve productivity.


Improved accessibility

By making intranet content available within Microsoft Teams, employees can access important information more easily and quickly, without having to navigate to a separate system.



Increased engagement

Integrating intranet content with Microsoft Teams can help drive employee engagement and encourage employees to stay tuned with the company news.

Enhanced collaboration

By providing easy access to intranet content, employees can collaborate more effectively on projects and tasks, regardless of their location.

Better information management

Making intranet content available in Microsoft Teams can help organizations manage their information more effectively, reducing duplication and ensuring that everyone has access to the single source of truth.

Reduced silos

Making intranet content available company-wide, organizations can break down silos between departments and improve cross-functional collaboration.

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