DiggSpace is now available on Microsoft Teams

Lisbon, July 25th, 2022 - After the deepening of its partnership with Microsoft and with the goal of accelerating the digital transformation of companies,  DiggSpace, a SaaS platform for rapid creation of next-generation Intranets, is now available on Microsoft 365 through Teams.

In addition to the agile setup that characterizes the tool, DiggSpace now also provides easy access from the Teams appsource, with just a quick search to find the application. Building modern, digital workplaces becomes simple and fast, which is especially relevant in this era of hybrid working.

The new app is free for customers and will initially include the most used DiggSpace features, such as articles, news, quick links, favorite apps, Intranet channels and the Dashboard365 for monitoring each user's workload. But the goal is to gradually make all others available for direct access via Microsoft Teams, making the creation and updating of content much faster, easier and more dynamic.

As with the web version of the platform, customers will have access to direct communication channels with the product team to suggest improvements, which will provide an application that always meets the evolving needs of its users.

DiggSpace's pricing model is based on a monthly subscription and varies according to the number of users. For example, for 100 users it is 4.75€ per user/month, if there are 1000 users it drops to 1.5€. The simulation can be done here.

Installation Guide  

1. To install the Diggspace App in your Microsoft Teams environment you should follow these steps: 

Open the Applications Area by pressing the "Applications" button in the lower left corner. 



Search for "Diggspace" in the search bar on the left side of the page. 


Select the Diggspace application in the right panel.


Click "Add" to add the Diggspace application to your personal environment. 

Other options for using the application can be accessed by pressing the arrow on the right side of the "Add" button. 


The "Add to a Team" option allows you to add the Diggspace application to a team allowing common access to the application for all members and customized behavior according to the team context to show in focus only the Diggspace Channel chosen by you at the time of configuration and all its articles.


The "Add to a conversation" option allows you to add the application to a conversation making the application accessible to all members from the conversation. It shows the same behavior as described in the previous point.


In both cases, the application is then accessed through a tab in the team or conversation as shown below. After hitting the add button you are taken to the home page of your Diggspace Intranet.  


The application can be accessed again from the button located on the lower left side, above the Application Area button. 

  1. Ajuda

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