Work-life balance: why we can't go back

Work-life balance: why we can't go back

The great challenge by 2019 was to show companies that another model of working beyond the traditional one was possible. You couldn't get away from the mindset that you had to see what employees were doing to make sure they were doing it. Last year the pandemic came and changed everything around the world. In an imposed way, without a choice.

We had to learn to work from home, virtually. All this strength that comes from innovation, flexibility, and creativity that we didn't think we had, we had. And what have we learned?

First, that we are not a family, but a team. And from that we learned that this separation between family and work has to be balanced.

Now we have home and work in the same space, which has created a different level of complexity and coordination. So it is imperative to separate the work we do for the family from the professional work.

This scenario has brought awareness that not only the "C-levels" are professionally grown, but that everyone within the organization when aware of their role and importance are equally responsible and committed. They don't need such harsh supervision.

The concern now is with results, not with people's behavior at work. The focus is no longer on making sure people are sitting at their desks for 8 hours of their day to make sure they are working, the focus is now on what people actually do.

So you need to understand what works for each company and team right now, regardless of what were best practices in the past.

To achieve good results and make people's work relevant, it is necessary to be clear what success means to the company.

The most important point in making this happen is communication. How do you make sure that the message is clear and consistent, and that it reaches everyone?

We need to rethink all forms of communication and make it better in the current context, with everyone's involvement and understanding.

What we need to make sure is that whatever we no longer do, and which has been shown not to be really necessary or effective, we do not do again just to comply with protocols, once the constraints of the pandemic have passed.

That we are able to embrace the changes and create a different future, always adapted to the reality of generating value from the work done and not simply ensuring that people are in their jobs.

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