Five steps to empower your frontline workers

Five steps to empower your frontline workers

According to an article from Harvard Business Review, there are 5 steps you can take to empower those who are working at the very forefront of your company: your frontline workers.

At Diggspace, we are proponents of organizational openess and inclusiveness, aiming to transform companies into united fronts of cooperation. As such, we are very proud to endorse these five steps that companies should consider to empower their frontlines:

1. Leadership 

Top management must buy into and demonstrate support for frontline empowerment, given the organizational change required. 

2. Data 

A data-driven culture must be a critical part of the corporate strategy. 

3. Governance 

Security and governance must be built into new processes to provide frontline workers with both autonomy and controls. 

4. Training 

Training should be a priority—not just to teach workers how to use new technology tools but also to show them how to effectively apply the insights that this technology provides. 

5. Facilitators 

Frontline managers and supervisors are key contributors and also need new tools and training to empower frontline employees.

Do you agree? Does your company have its own Digital & Modern Workspace? If you don't, we're always available to to talk! 

Let's make your business even better, together. :)

source: The New Decision Makers, Harvard Business Review, 2020

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